the vault

every day, at random times, we will open the vault. the soundwaves creative vault is full of our sold out company held assets. show prints, diamond certified/numbered variants, single run shirts & other unreleased products. we will open the vault unannounced at a random times throughout the day/night. due to the number of products listed, we have made locating our daily product updates easy. simply click the in-stock tab. the in-stock tab will always display our available inventory. this gives collectors with different schedules who may have missed out on a drop the chance to score sold out/unavailable extremely rare pieces at the same price that they were originally sold at. to be clear, every hand numbered and embossed single edition print that gets sold through our vault is not a recreation or 2nd edition. it is part of the first and only edition that was printed. as a business, we hold several units of every print we have ever made. this is important as it does not dilute the value of those collectors that purchased any of our sold out single edition prints or shirts. we look forward to your daily visits.