Whiskey Myers x SoundWaves Creative | C11 | C12

Whiskey Myers x SoundWaves Creative | C11 | C12

busy week @ soundwaves creative! we got 2 unique pieces we’ve been excited to show y’all!

first up, alexandria louisiana! whiskey myers x soundwaves creative | c11 | was created with the louisiana bayou in mind. we wanted to try and get as much iconography representing louisiana into this piece as possible while being able to have a clear whiskey myers fan tie in.

to accomplish this, we used a transistor radio and the line “them delta blues” from whiskey myers’s hit song “deep down in the south”.  next we wanted to feature some of the animals/creatures that inhabit the state. our hero character is a large alligator showing its teeth, a quirky crab playing a guitar, and a pelican smoking some party essentials. we tried to give this piece a little bit of everything.

this print will be available at rapides coliseum on thursday may 4th.

c12 | nashville

whiskey myers x soundwaves creative | c12 | nashville | is our introduction of the whiskey bot. the whiskey bot is a left turn from how we have approached whiskey myers pieces in the past. it's definitely not your typical whiskey myers piece. the inspiration in this piece is rooted in sci-fi and robotics.

is it a metaphor for doing things your own way in the music business? maybe.

is it a symbol for a force that can't be stopped? maybe.

it is whatever you think it is.

there is a lot of hidden detail in this piece and it's best for you look deep into it and discover what you may. this print will be available at ascend amphitheater on saturday may 6th.

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