Waylon Jennings X SoundWaves Creative | Waylon Baseball Card

Waylon Jennings X SoundWaves Creative | Waylon Baseball Card
everything we do at soundwaves creative starts with music. we start our day with loud music playing and this continues until we pack it in and head home for the day. when approaching our second piece for an icon like waylon jennings, a common debate kept surfacing: what are his top 10 songs? what are our 10 favorite waylon songs? this led us to develop a literal concept that we chose to obviously name "the hits."
we created a custom waylon themed baseball card that blends music with sports. on the front, we chose to depict waylon with his signature guitar as a baseball bat, hitting a ball so hard that it cracks the neck of his guitar in a stadium packed full of "outlaws" fans. he's dressed in a unique 'outlaws' uniform. the outlaws are a team that exist in the sml (soundwaves music league) which was created specifically for this piece. the back of the card emulates a late '70s/early '80s baseball card, with a stat line that features height, weight, batting hand, hometown, and bio. below are the top 10 sml hits of waylon jennings, which include the year and the hit song & are displayed on the back side of some of the cards.

the sml top 10 will differ from many others' top 10, but this is the point. we hope "the hits" engages fans and collectors alike to debate to no end. the goal, to use a global icon to connect people through the common ground of positive vibes, music, and sports.

"the hits" will be available in four different variations, yes you heard that right...four unique print variants on july 19th, at 12:00 pm cst!

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