The SoundWaves Creative Diamond System

The SoundWaves Creative Diamond System

our diamond system was created to uniquely archive each print we create and publish based on measured supply levels. the diamond mark serves as an indicator of tiered supply levels. we have 5 diamond levels displayed below.

1diamond: 51+ prints created 

2diamond: 26-50 prints created

3diamond: 11-25 prints created, 

4diamond: 6-10 prints created

5diamond: 1-5 prints created

outside of a specific print’s quantity, we take the overall “look” of the final print into account when assigning a diamond tier to it. for example: all files once physically printed look different than originally designed because of the digital to paper transition. this transition plays a large part in determining the diamond level of each specific print in addition to the previously mentioned supply tier.

at soundwaves creative, the higher the diamond, the more “one-of-a-kind” the print truly is. currently 4diamonds & 5diamonds have purposely been reserved for prints that get artistically manipulated after they are printed. you can find the diamond of any soundwaves print in the bottom right corner of the embossed mark that sits in the lower right corner of all of our prints.

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