C2 | Shane Smith & the Saints | GA

C2 | Shane Smith & the Saints | GA

a tribute to athens, georgia's rich history and heritage

we choose to take inspirationfrom the regions rich historic past & pay tribute to some classic design elements of the late 1800s. this old “bourbon bottle” styling can be seen in our text layout.

athens is known for the university of georgia & also history.  we wanted to pay tribute to this by highlighting some of the city's most iconic elements in the design. one such element is the centerpiece tree that owns itself. yep, you heard that right.  another key feature is the classic georgia bulldog, symbolizing the presence of the university of georgia in athens. and finally, the double cannon, which although was never used in the civil war, was originally produced in athens. it currently stands in front of a government building in the city.

we aimed to bring everything together by tying the time period to the bands vintage vibe. we hope we did shane smith & the saints and the great city of athens georgia justice in this very special piece.

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