blackout is our new stealth inspired sub brand. when looking deeply into our archives, the one thing that we are extremely thankful for is that our collectors, customers, & fans alike have kept our art relevant over time. this came into focus as we began to grow and acquire new customers. our new customers want access and the ability to purchase past sold-out prints. in most cases we aren't able to accommodate because of our limited supply through the diamond system. so, we came up with a creative way that enables new collectors and returning collectors alike the ability to purchase the pieces they want most. enter blackout.

blackout is a style. blackout is stealth art. blackout will not work on every piece, but it will be done on the right prints (past, present, future). blackout will typically be 1-2 color prints on speciality blackout paper that gives off pure stealth vibes. for us b5 | frogman was the perfect print to introduce blackout. due to the fact that its the most in demand print we have ever created...selling for more than 4-figures on the secondary market. in addition, it was inspired by those who defend our freedom & operate in stealth like situations.

blackout does not fall into the soundwaves creative diamond system. each blackout piece will be embossed in the bottom left hand corner with either a blackout st (strike-thru) logo or a blackout logo. blackout st is simply more limited in supply, in certain scenarios may have an extra highlighting color and caters to the premium collector. blackout is also ultra premium, but will come in at a lower price point due to the supply being slightly larger. on the bottom right side of the print there will be the normal soundwaves creative embossed archive indicator, but instead of seeing a diamond you will see blk in the bottom right hand corner.

it's time for stealth art to become more prominent...challenge accepted! the first entry into the blackout series | whiskey myers x soundwaves creative | b5 | frogman | blackout will be available weds | 7.12 @ 12pm cst.
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